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My family have always been envious how even at busy times such as Christmas I have always been able to get a really good car park.

Wanna know my secret????

I have my very own Parking Fairy!

You see… whenever I go somewhere that I need to find a good carpark, I set the int...

You are the Screenwriter, Director, Producer and Lead Actor in your life! And knowing this means you have control over your own life.

Just like everyone else even therapists experience and need help with their emotional “stuff” from time to time and this is the situation I found myself in recently.

It is a part of life that we are continually having stuff that we have not fully resolved bubble to the...

I have helped people with a wide range of traumatic issues and nothing makes me happier than when a client has walked in to my office with slumped shoulders, looking like they are carrying the weight of the world, and walks out with a huge smile with their head held hi...

Right now there seem to be a lot of people going through really tough relationship breakdowns. For some it is separating from their romantic partner, whilst others are experiencing the breakdown of long standing friendships… And in some cases it is as though everyone i...


Yep… I’m afraid so….all that emotional baggage you have been carrying around for longer than you can remember.

So what is unfinished business exactly and why is it ruining my life?

Remember all of those times you felt a certain way but for some reason or a...

What would you do if you BELIEVED in yourself?

Quit your soul destroying job and start your dream business? Travel the world? Ask that cute guy out? Live the life you REALLY want to live?

So what is really stopping you? Not enough money? Not enough support? Not considere...

Quite often we are caught in a situation where a friend or a partner or even a child is going through something emotional and more often than not, that leaves us feeling awkward, vulnerable or even completely helpless because most of us have not been taught how to help...

June 29, 2016

Happiness is sometimes thought of as an unreachable state of mind for some people whilst others seem to be naturally happy. So what is the secret?

Positive psychology is a growing field that focuses on mental wellness. Studies have concluded that these 10 key things tha...

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