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                A few days ago I experienced a  QHHT session with Danielle. It was pretty incredible to be honest! I was obviously drawn to her and this particular technique for a reason, and even though I had heard about it before I didn’t really know what to expect and was a little nervous. From the moment I arrived she put me at ease, offered me a cuppa and started chatting as though we were old friends. For the last few years I have been feeling energetically and psychically stuck, and was holding on to a lot of grief and past trauma. Over the last few months I have felt a shift coming and obviously it was meant to be that I found Danielle to aid in the process of letting it go. The session helped clarify many things for me and set me on the right path. It’s shown me what I need to focus on for the new year. It’s helped give me direction creatively which is always a problem for me. I met one of my spirit guides and also viewed some details from a past life. I shed so much psychic stuff that had been weighing me down and holding me in the past. I now have some tools to use moving forward to help with the healing process. I’m much more in tune with my spirituality and know I’m on the right path there too. For any skeptics the bit that impressed me was that it was not Danielle putting any information into my head, she was simply guiding me to find answers that were always inside myself, but which I had never acknowledged. She was a facilitator to self-healing. I cannot recommend this process highly enough. She is a wonderful, inspiring lady.



          I have recently had a session with Danielle and I cannot recommend her enough. I’ve had a very difficult year and was holding on to so much negative baggage that I couldn’t see a way out. I’d lost motivation and had convinced myself that I was doing alright. I wasn’t and I could no longer continue the way I was. After my session I felt sick but that was simply the shift I had experienced, an enlightenment ! I now feel calm and accepting of the things that have happened and see a positive future ahead of me. If you are in need of clarity and a helping hand in changing your life please see Danielle. You won’t regret it !


             I recently met with Danielle for a Past Life Regression (QHHT) Hypno session. She has such a beautiful energy and makes you feel incredibly comfortable as soon as you meet her. Her voice is calming and personality is uplifting. It was wonderful. It helped heal a lot of things I couldn’t do myself from a traumatic childhood and also past relationship/family issues. I learnt some truths behind events I had always questioned and also some wonderful things about what lies ahead in my future. She helped to removes stresses, doubt and fears that I have carried with me all my life which have encouraged the way I would react or respond to certain situations. I feel lighter, more confident and I’m more ready for what lies ahead in my future. Thank you Danielle

             I had the pleasure of experiencing a QHHT session with Danielle and it was truly amazing to have someone fully validate your thoughts and feelings without judgement and with a compassionate heart. We discussed many topics and experiences that I never felt comfortable or understood by the 'current system of psychology'. My hypnosis session was amazing and I have been provided with the recording so I can analyze and work through the information which is so valuable. Danielle is a true Light Worker who has opened up my heart and I feel I can finally search for my Tribe of Light Seekers. So grateful. Namaste 🙏



                I recently did a QHHT session with Danielle, and all I can say is WOW! I loved the outcome, it gave me many answers and after the session I knew the exact next step I needed to take.

The session was also done in my home online, and I loved the convenience Danielle, is a intuative healing coach and I definitely recommend her to anyone ready to step into their best self.

               Had my first workshop on the weekend with Danielle (mandala connections workshop) I loved it Danielle was so welcoming & made you feel at ease. You didn’t realise that the time flew by so fast. I highly recommend visiting her


               I recently had a QHHT Session with Danielle. I was excited and nervous at the same time as I really didn't know what to expect. Danielle made me feel so comfortable and at ease, and took time to really get to know me before the session.
The session was life changing.
Afterwards I felt a sense of lightness and clarity, and has helped me with my life's purpose and direction. 
I highly recommend a QHHT Session with Danielle, it will change your whole thought process and life!



               Danielle is the most amazing person she helps me through my dark times. I feel totally relaxed when I leave her and feel I have been with someone who is really special. I would recommend her to anyone. there is something about her that makes me feel calm and can cope with life.

              I won a QHHT session with Danielle which i had yesterday she made me feel so at home and she was so welcoming, i got all the answers to my questions and i feel amazing today like a new person i have some clarity in me life now.Thank you Danielle



              Had a wonderful experience and can highly recommend , Danielle is gentle, kind and has a heart of gold. She will make you feel comfortable and you will come out feeling amazing. 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

           I was feeling uncertain about what direction the rest of my life needed to go in. I wasn't happy here.....after 37 years of parenting I no longer wanted to be swamped by little children. I'm an adventurer at heart and had forgotten that. So what to do...... I had an amazing session with Danielle Rogers of Happy Minds Aligned. She was generous with her time and expertise. Most therapist give you 1 hour, Danielle gave me 5! I'm really clear with how I can meet my responsibilities and look after my free spirit. Thanks Danielle.


              I highly recommend Danielle. We trained together years ago and when things went downhill in my own personal life recently my first thought was to reach out to her for help. So very pleased I did.
As a therapist you can't always help yourself. Danielle Rogers the professional the professionals use.
Jeffrey Mack 
Townsville Modern Hypnosis


            It has been a couple of months since having my QHHT session with Danielle and since that time I no longer feel there are things from my past holding me back. 
Not knowing anything about QHHT sessions Danielle took me through the whole process with ease and made me feel comfortable throughout it all. From the time you arrive to the time you leave you are taken care of.
For anyone looking for change but don’t know where to start, give Danielle a call


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